December 2018

Dropdown for invoices
If you click on the dropdown in invoices, you see all actions related to this invoice in a timeline. 

Show remaining PO amount in listview
In the listview of purchase order we added two columns. One displayed the total PO amount. the last column display the Remaining PO amount. You know exactly what you still can expect.

Add a phone number for a contactperson
Option to add a phone number for a contactperson. So you have all the important information at the same spot.

Status change PO on project overview
When a PO has changed, a note is created under the expense in the project overview. So the projectmanager knows exactly whats going on. 

Productive ratio per employee in export report
In the export  of the report  'employee productivity' column G is added. It shows you the ratio of the productive hours based on the gross available hours 

Search filter optimization
From now on you can use the search bar in multiply ways. Based on client, projectname, number etc. 

Add NL VAT (9%)
On January 1, 2019 the VAT rate for certain products and services will be raised from 6% to 9%. Naturally, we in Rodeo have taken this into account

November 2018

Change email address for user
Users can now change the email address for their user accounts.

Set "Reply to" for emails
Set the "Reply to" email address for estimates/PO/Invoices.

Invoice directly from approved estimate page

Invoice estimates from the estimate page after approval.

Search field in Expenses/PO/ Estimate/ invoice by number
Search for the desired PO, expense, estimate or invoices by number.


Preview PDF instead of download
Have a quick and easy preview of PDF files in Rodeo. Before downloading them to your device we will first preview PDF files in your browser.

Unique invoice number for Expense
Expenses can only be added once since Rodeo checks if the invoice number for the same supplier is already registered in your administration.

Hover for timecard description in time registration report
Hover on the description field in the time registration report to find the full description.

Quantity for expense activity
Set an amount for units and rate for expense activities. It's useful to be able to register units and price per unit to check incoming expenses or to be copied to estimates or invoices.

September 2018

Display PO and Expense information in Expense wizard
Users want to see more details about the expense activity, PO, suppliers and booked expenses, when adding new expenses. So that they can check and validate the expenses while adding them.

Display spending exceedance in Work in Progress Report
Users want to see the spending exceedance amount on activities in there work in progress report as a column

Dynamically adding rows in invoices and estimates
You can easily add new activity rows in the middle of your invoice or estimate. So you don’t have to drag & drop that much anymore.  Easy and simple.

Set email address for Rodeo product invoice
As an admin user I want Rodeo to send the subscription invoice to the financial department and not to my personal email address.

August 2018

Layout option on Invoices
From now on it is possible to generate an invoice pdf with the totals only. So you can hide the units/hours and rate/price fields. Manage your invoice pdf view in just one click by selecting the desired option from the drop-down menu (above left).

Initial budget vs working budget

You can now use the existing budget in the project as a “working budget”. You have the option to set an initial budget that has been agreed on by approving an estimate. During the project you can adjust the budget and leave the initial budget the same to keep track of differences. 

Markup % on expense activity
It’s now possible to enter a markup % on an expense activity in the project budget. Adjusting selling price can be done by editing selling price, markup % will be adjusted accordingly or vice versa.

Display remaining PO Amount and Expenses activities
Find more information related to PO’s and expenses on the expense activity. Know how much expenses still to expect.

Choosing the language on the pdf
Select a document language for each individual contact. All estimates, PO’s and Invoices will be generated in the set language for this contact.

July 2018

User schedule over time update
As a project manager you can now maintain different user schedules, taking the past and future changes into account. On your profile you can add a new schedule. This is linked to your time, dashboard, planner, employee productivity report. 

Improve description for activity on budget
Updated design for description lines in budget activities. You can unfold the activity line and add a description.  

Dates culum for activities in budget
A Project Manager wants to set and display dates in the dedicated column in budget to plan directly the timeframe of the activity. This is connected to your planner were you can assingn a task to the team member

Layout options on estimate

For now on its possible to generate an estimate with VAT. Another available options are: display the activities and rates or the activities only.  If you click at the drop-down (left above) you can select the right one. Manage your estimate pdf view in just one click by selecting the desired option from the drop-down menu (above left).

Dynamically adding rows
You can easily add a new activity row in the middle of your budget phase. So you don’t have to drag & drop that much anymore.  Easy and simple.

Description on estimate and invoice lines

Now you can copy description text for the activity into you estimate and invoice. It is also possible to add a description to your activity directly from your estimate or invoice page and it will be displayed on your PDF.

Pdf layout update for estimate invoice en PO's
We have trimmed the formatting and style of our pdf invoices, POs and estimates. Enjoy the new clean design.

Drag & Drop Phases

If you want to change the order of the phases, from now on it is possible to rag and drop the phases tot the spot you like. 

June 2018

Project KPI's
Now, you will see three KPI fields:

  • Hours tracked VS time budget. So, you know if you are still on track.

  • Expenses tracked VS expenses budget. Do you have already on overspent on an activity or are we still good?

  • Total invoiced VS “selling for”. Indicator of how much money can be invoiced. What is more, we make is visual by the progress bar. 

Overspent amont per phase
In the phase header you will see the overspent amount for the whole phase. In one glance you fully control the phase. 

May 2018

Project Hours
Check how the hours are tracked on a project. For your convenience we have two filters to view the hours tracked by activities or people. 

Recurring billing
From now on you can schedule generation of recurring invoices in Rodeo.  Choose whether the invoice is sent by the system automatically or is created in the draft mode for you to send it manually. Schedule to generate the invoices weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

April 2018 

UBL expenses
It was already possible to book your expenses in Rodeo. In addition to that the app generates a UBL file. This file is sent with your PDF to your accounting software and can make an automatic pre-booking there.

Import of client data
Coming from a different system? With our .csv file it’s possible to integrate all you’re client data in once.

March 2018

UBL with invoice pdf
If you are sending an invoice, a UBL file is automatically added. This allows the linked accountancy software to take over the invoice details automatically. So you don’t have to fill in your invoice information manually ever again.

Export invoices
In two clicks you can export your invoices to Excel or CSV. This file will contain all the information of all the invoices.

Export expenses
In two clicks you can make an export to Excel or CSV. This document will contain all the information of all the expenses.

Februari 2018

Copy projects
Got a new project that is exactly the same as the one before? Copy that project! All the phases and activities will be copied. You only have to change the project name and client.

Add attachments to email
Add an attachment to your email to the client together with the invoice or estimate. This could be your creative proposal, terms and conditions or whatever you want. The maximum size of attachment is 10mb.

Add mulitple email addresses
Sending invoices and estimates from Rodeo to more than one contact person is available now.

Januari 2018 

Resource planner and task management (labs)
Now, it’s easy to plan your budgeted hours. Simply create a task for the resource and plan your whole project.

Create your own task
In Rodeo all type of users can create tasks. A full user can add tasks for everyone on every project. As a creative you can only create your own tasks for the project were you are a member of the team.  All the tasks will be displayed on your dashboard and you can track time on them directly from it.

Dashboard displays your assigned tasks. Track time directly on a specific task and project.

Overdue invoices
Find overdue invoices in a column on your dashboard. Click on the red icon to send an invoice reminder.

Phase/Groups for budget
Divide project into phases/group. Select status pre group to define what features can be used for the related activities.

Email documents
If you “open” the estimate you have the option to download it or to send it from Rodeo. When sent an activity note is created on the project timeline, to see your project activities. (Same counts for finalised invoice and opened PO)

Mobile time tracking
Track time on your mobile phone. Simply type the app address into the web browser on your phone, log in and track the time on your tasks!

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