Release note 19.12.01

Navigating through data
There is pagination under big chunks of data. At the bottom of the page of Time Registration you can now find some numbers which helps you to navigate through all the written hours. Try using your ⬅️➡️ keys to quickly go through all the pages.

Not only does this help you to find specific data quicker, it also reduces the chance of the app crashing.

Note: the chunking does not apply for exports.

June 2019

Project duration Gantt Chart Bar
In the overall planner you now see a Gantt Chart bar. So you know exactly the duration of any project or phase. 

Total hours in time registration report
Below the report page you'll now see an addition of the search filter. It will display the total hours tracked and total selling prices.

Inline adding of new task
From now on, you can create quicker and more intuitive. Just use your tab and enter key to add new tasks. 

Switch between administrations
If you have more than one administration, click the icon in the menu to quickly switch. 

Add Projectmanager to a project
In de project-list- overview you'll now see which project belongs to which project manager. In  team setting, you can choose the projectmanager who's responsible for the project.

May 2019

Language selector for PDF generation and email template
Just before you send your estimate or invoice with Rodeo. You have the option to choose te language of the pdf and email template in German, English or Dutch.

April 2019

Design improvement
Improvements in the design and user interface in the app. 

Comment in tasks
When a projectmanager assignee a task to a creative. The projectmanager can also add a comment of a small note in the task. The creative can respond on that during the task.

March 2019

Plan the task on the right resources with the project planner.
See this article for further how to video's.

Activity view to task list in project
It's easy to create a task linked to the right activity. In the project you click on task and add the task under the right activity.

February 2019

Total row at hours view in project
In the hours view in a project we added a total row. So you can see directly how much planned hours vs spent hours in total there are on activities or persons.

Create an estimate or invoice directly from budget
From now on you can create an estimate or invoice directly from budget.
Select the button copy to.

Add terms & conditions block at pdf templates
In the pdf template setting, you can add the term and conditions.  This is a plain text field that you can prefill. In the estimate or invoice use, the green + icon too added it.

Favorite tab
You can select your favrorite tab in Rodeo. That means that every time you go to a specific feature to go to your favorite tab first.

Column "total hours" in Employee Productivity report
Now it's easy to see how many hours there been tracked by a person in a specific period.  You see the project-tracked hours and all tracked hours in the overview. How much more information do you need?

Januari 2019

Use unique project numbers
The account owner can select the use of project numbers in the settings.
Rodeo can generate a sequential number or you can use own created numbers. If you add a new project you can always see the last created project number. 

Send confirmation documents
In your personal setting you can select "Send each mail to my e-mail address". So from now on its always clear if an e-mail was send to your customer.

Interface restyle
In the coming months we will improve some design elements within Rodeo. Including a number of interface elements. We are starting with some subtler titles and clearer icons.

Clickable project names
In Rodeo, the project name was visible everywhere, but nowhere  clickable. That was crazy. So we fixed it.

Navigate with keyboard
From now on you don't have to use your mouse anymore. With the keyboard  (tab & arrows) it's easy to navigate through all the wizards.

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