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Closed Projects Reports
Closed Projects Reports
The project is finished and the customer is satisfied. Are you, too? You can check by making a closed project report.
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How do I make a closed project report?

Go to the report overview by clicking on 'Reports' on the left side of the overview of features.

Then choose by clicking on the area around the text "CLOSED PROJECTS".

Here you also have the option to make an expert from a file that can be loaded at Excell. You can download a .xlsx and a .csv file type for this. You can do this by clicking on the round button with the mailbox in it.

Then the screen below shows an overview of all closed projects:

With closed projects you can find the financial performance per project. You can see how the projects have performed on the basis of written hours compared to budgeted hours. You can also see here which margins you have achieved on your purchase. These reports can also be made available quickly for other colleagues within your organisation. This way, everyone knows how you are doing at all times.

If you want to know more about what is possible with our reports, take a look here.

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