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How do I invoice actuals?
How do I invoice actuals?
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How do I invoice actuals?ย 

If you want to invoice actuals, hours must have been written first. On a project where no hours have been written or expenses have been booked, no actual invoices can be invoiced.

Go to the invoice overview by clicking on 'Invoices' on the left side of the overview of features:

Then click on the green plus at the bottom right of your screen, as shown below.

Then enter the name of the customer in the 'Customer' field. If you have entered the correct names in advance, suggestions are shown from customers known to Rodeo.

You must select a project in the field under the customer name. Below that it is important that you enter a period (start and end date) in which the hours that you want to invoice are written or expenses have been booked. You can also choose pre-selected periods under these fields, namely: complete project, since last invoice, last month or current month. Optionally, you can also enter a reference or purchase number.

When all required fields are filled in, the 'V' turns green to the right of the pop-up screen. Click this to continue.

Check this screen carefully, once it is final the invoice can no longer be adjusted. If you later discovered an error, the invoice must be canceled by means of a credit note. A new invoice can then be sent.

Have you checked everything well and is everything okay? Then click on the button as shown below.

Then choose whether you want to send it with or without details.

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