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Invoicing an estimate in parts
Invoicing an estimate in parts
Large project quotes are often paid in parts. To ensure that budget management becomes a little easier, this is possible with Rodeo.
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Please note, you can only invoice a quotation in parts if there is also a quotation in advance in Rodeo that has been made definitive. If you want to invoice per hour (actuals), read this article. Make sure you always use only one method for invoicing. Always finish 100% based on quotation.

Click on 'Invoices' at the features menu on the left:

Then click on the green plus at the bottom right of your screen.

Then click on the name of the customer in the 'Customer' field. If you have entered the correct names in advance, a few customers are already shown suggestively.

You must select a project in the field under the customer name.

Then select the 'Invoice quote' option.

Under this selection you make the choice of the quotation of which you want to invoice a part. It is also immediately visible here what percentage you have already invoiced via Rodeo.

To ensure that this is always up to date, it is important that you send all invoices via Rodeo. If you export an invoice as a PDF and send it yourself, you cannot keep track in Rodeo of when, by and to whom the invoice was sent.

In addition to the percentage to be invoiced, you can optionally indicate which reference or purchase order number is included.

When all required fields are filled in, the 'V' will turn green on the right-hand side of the pop-up screen. Click on this if you want to continue.

Check this screen carefully, once it is final the invoice can no longer be adjusted. If you later discovered an error, the invoice must be canceled by means of a credit note. A new invoice can then be sent.

Have you checked everything well and is everything okay? Then click on 'Make Final'.

PLEASE NOTE, this can only be repaired by means of a credit invoice. So check all data carefully before you click on the green V'tje.

When the invoice is finalized, you can choose between the two ways of sending. It is advisable to send the invoice via Rodeo. You do that by clicking on the envelope.

If you nevertheless choose to send the invoice to the customer in a different way, click on another button to download the invoice as a PDF.

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