Click on 'tasks' on the left side of the menu.

Then you select a date. That is the date on which the hours were made (or still have to be made). Click on the circle with the calendar in it.

Two ways of writing time

You can write time live, so you switch on the timer as soon as you start work. When you are done, turn off the timer again.

You can also write time afterwards. So after you have carried out the work, it is possible to enter afterwards how many hours you have worked. By doing that at task level, your administration is in better order.

To turn the timer on, click on the circle with the play button. Don't forget to turn it off at the timer when you're done. This is possible by pressing the pause button.

To write time afterwards, click on the circle with the watch in it. At the top is an hour number. You can change this by clicking on it and entering something yourself or by clicking on one of the six circles below with a time indication. Below is a description of the task in which you are registering time. This time is then automatically saved.

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