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Format PDF for Estimate, Invoice, and PO in your own branding
Format PDF for Estimate, Invoice, and PO in your own branding
Read here everything about creating a template for these documents.
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To make sure that the PDFs you download from Rodeo have your own branding, you must upload a template. It is important that this is well laid out. Here, you can read how this is done.

Header & Footer

For all three documents, you can decide for yourself what percentage of the PDF you will use for the header and the footer. Remember that this space depends on the content of the variables. The larger the header, the less space on the first sheet.


It is possible to use Google Fonts. That means you can choose from the 15 most common fonts. You can also adjust this here.

Structure of the PDF

To ensure that you later send the PDF with the desired result, it is now possible to show a view before using the PDF.

Flexible text field for the description of phases

It is possible to place a text field under the phase name. Under the added text field you get the labels activity, hours, rate, etc. Also, the alignment of the description field is optimized and centered to the left.

Alignment and control space activity rules

To keep the PDF clear, we have left more spaces between the activity lines.

Alignment has also been improved.

It is also important to remember that you sometimes have to fit a little and measure with the text to show it nicely on the document. Just as you sometimes insert a page break in Word to make the text extract legible over the pages. A few well-placed blank lines can ensure that the text is displayed logically per page.

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