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How do I delete or edit a time card?
How do I delete or edit a time card?
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To remove/change a time card, you must first look it up, and then remove/change it. In this article, we will explain the quickest way to do this.

Removing a time card

When you want to remove a time card from Rodeo, a number of steps are important. First of all, go to the tap time in the left menu. Then, choose the calendar icon to look up the correct date.

Next, move your cursor over the time card and choose the trash-can icon.

Changing the time card

You may have created a time card on the wrong project. When this occurs, you need to look up the timecard. With the calendar icon, you can go directly to the day on which the timecard is taking place.

Once you have found the timecard, click on the darker sub-section of the card to change the project and select the correct activity.

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