It is possible that when you create a time card, the project is not visible. This can be caused by two separate problems.

1. Project team:

If you are not part of the project team, it is not possible to track time on the project. It is only possible to track time on the projects that are on your dashboard, under my projects.

To solve this you need to inform the relevant project manager so that you can be added.

A project manager can add a team member via the green plus button.

2. Status of the phase:

It may be that one phase has been completed and the next phase is not yet active. As a result, it is not possible to track time. The project manager can easily adjust the status to active.

This is done by going to the project budget. Then clicking on the estimate status at the top of the phase, and clicking on active in the drop-down window.

Is it not possible to track time as a standard user? Report this to the project manager.

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