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How do I change the status of an estimate?
How do I change the status of an estimate?
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In Rodeo you can easily make an estimate from the budget.

An estimate has three different statuses within Rodeo:


When you make an estimate, it starts as a draft. This means that it does not yet have an estimate number. When your estimate is ready to be sent, select the green check mark in the top-right corner to generate an estimate number.


When the estimate number is generated, the status of the estimate changes from draft to open. Rodeo works with a subsequent estimate numbering system. This means that each new estimate is given a consecutive number. This way, you can ensure that you have clear organization and control.

An open estimate is awaiting the client's response.

Approved / Declined

When you receive an approval or disapproval of an offer from a client, you can input the decision in Rodeo.

You can open the estimate and choose either the green thumb or the red thumb.

In the case of approval, you can enter a purchase order/reference no., the date of approval, and possibly a signed estimate.

If the estimate does not go through for approval, you can always reopen it via the undo icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Read the article on how to delete an estimate here.

Attention: We advise that you always create a new estimate when making modifications.

This will give you an accurate overview based on the estimate number.

Otherwise, you may end up with two different versions of an estimate under the same number.

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