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How do I change the status of an invoice?
How do I change the status of an invoice?
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In Rodeo, you can invoice in several ways: Free invoice / Based on estimate / Based on budget / Invoice based on actuals.


When you create an invoice, it is displayed in a basic draft. This means that it does not yet have an invoice number.

The draft invoice can be checked and sent via the envelope icon.

Check if everything is correct on the invoice. It is not possible to modify a finalized invoice.

If your invoice is in order and ready to be sent, choose finalize in the top-right corner.


When an invoice is final, the invoice is also automatically sent to the link address.

At this point, it is no longer possible to edit an invoice.

A green thumbs-up appears. When the invoice has been paid you can mark the invoice in Rodeo as such. This way, you can keep your administration updated.

Attention: When an invoice is incorrect, a credit note must be created. Read about creating a credit note here.

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