In Rodeo we try to keep everything as quick and simple as possible. That way you have more time to work on your projects.

So that is why it is so easy to make an invoice.

Here we have two types of layout views:

Activity, Rate, VAT (standard)

In this view you can see all the information on the invoice. Consisting of the activity column, hours, rates, VAT and price (excl. VAT).

If you don't want to see all the columns when sending your invoice, you also have the option not to show the columns hours/number and rate/price.

You can do this in front of the dropdown icon on the left above the phase.

Activity, VAT

In this view see limited information on the invoice consisting of the column of the activity, VAT, Price (excl. VAT).

Attention: To be sure, always check your invoice, using the download button, before you finalize the invoice. A finalized invoice can no longer be modified!

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