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How do I change the layout of an estimate?
How do I change the layout of an estimate?
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In Rodeo, we try to keep everything as quick and simple as possible. This allows more time to work on projects. It's easy to make an estimate in Rodeo.

Here we have three types of layout views:

Activity, Price (standard)

In this layout, you will see the following columns depicted on the estimate: Activity, Hours/Units, Rate/Price, and Price (excl. Tax).

This layout is most commonly used when sending out an estimate, which is why it is set as the default.

Activity, Price, Tax

In this view, you get the most detailed view of the estimate. This consists of the Activity column, Hours/Units, Rate/Price, Tax, and Price (excl. Tax).

This view is used when Tax needs to be seen on the estimate.


The last layout choice displays the least information. Only the activity column and the price (excl. Tax) are shown.

Attention: To be sure, always check the estimate by using the download button before sending it out.

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