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How to add a contact person to a client?
How to add a contact person to a client?
Rodeo allows you to add more than one contact to a single client. Here is how you do it:
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In Rodeo, you can add contact persons. Contact persons can be linked to a purchase order, estimate, or invoice.

The contact person is shown on the pdf as attention (attn.) The contact person will also be selected as the recipient if you want to send the document directly from Rodeo.

To add a new contact person, go to contacts in the left menu.

Use the search filter to open the client, then use the pencil icon in the top-right corner to change details.

On the details page, you will see the second heading Points of Contact

Through + new contact person you can enter the name contact person, department, email address, and possibly the phone number.

After saving the page, the contacts are displayed in alphabetical order.

Note: The name you enter here is also shown on the PDF. So, please make sure that the name is entered correctly.

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