To ensure that the PDFs you download from Rodeo have your own corporate identity you need to upload your own template.

You can do this by going to the settings at the bottom of the left menu. There, you can choose PDF templates.

At the bottom of the page you can add a JPEG document for the first page and for the subsequent pages. This applies to estimates, invoices and purchase orders.

There are a number of conditions for a good layout of the templates

You can read how to do this here:

Header & Footer

For all three documents, you can decide what percentage of the PDF you will use for the header and the footer. Keep in mind that this space is based on content variables. The larger the header, the less space on the first page.

Font type

It is possible to use Google Fonts. This means that you can choose from the fifteen most common fonts. You can modify that here as well.

Structure of the PDF

To make sure that you send the PDF with the desired result, it is now possible to double-check it before you upload it.

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