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How do I add a fee or apply a discount to an estimate?
How do I add a fee or apply a discount to an estimate?
Applying discounts or adding fees to estimates is easy with Rodeo.
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Sometimes, you might need to add a fee or apply a discount to estimates before sending them to clients for approval. Estimates that have already been changed to an Open, Approved or a Declined status cannot be edited.

If you have just finished creating an estimate, click on the green + sign icon located in the lower right corner. Then, click on the green % icon to select 'Add a fee or discount'.

A new item block will be added under the subtotal. Go ahead and give it a title, such as Fee, for example.

Next, hover over the newly created block and click on the + sign to add the fee or discount, then select Activity:

A new line will be created where you add the fee or discount. If you want to add a discount, make sure to add the - sign before the percentage amount under the Discount/Fee column:

The Discount/Fee column is a percentage value by default, but you can see the exact amount that relates to the percentage you have given under the Price (excl. tax) column.

When an invoice is downloaded, only the percentage of the fee or discount will be visible.

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