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Getting started with the Rodeo Messenger feature
Getting started with the Rodeo Messenger feature
It is now possible to start a conversation in Rodeo with team members in the same account.
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With Rodeo's new Messenger feature, you can easily start conversations, share files with colleagues, and keep the team engaged in a single place. No more jumping from one platform to another.

What can you do with Rodeo Messenger?

Create communication channels

If you have a Rodeo full license, you have the option to create a channel in the messenger. For example, you might wanna create a #projectmanager or a #website-project channel.

Note: you can have a total of 25 active channels per account. This includes group messages, channels, and also direct messages.

Send direct messages

Want to make the conversation more private? You can send private messages to a single person or a group of people by creating direct messages.

Share files with the team

Drag and drop files (up to 20MB) to a channel or direct message to share with your colleagues. Supported files to share are: png; jpeg; jpg; gif; pdf; csv; xls; xlsx; zip; xm; ppt; pptx; doc; docs; docx; and txt.

Using the Messenger feature

Whether you are working remotely or in the office, make your daily chat conversation more fun by mixing emojis and gifs within your chat messages.

To send a gif in a conversation, click on the conversation box in a channel or private message and start typing /giphy until you see the giphy [text] option. Click to select the giphy command:

Once selected, start typing a keyword for your gif such as "hello" and press Enter on your keyboard, or click the send button located on the right side of the conversation text box:

Next, a gif will display in the conversation and you have the option to Send it right away, Shuffle to find the best gif, or Cancel the action. Hit Send to finalize sending your gif:

To make sure you don't miss important conversations, hover over the message, click the three dots for More Options, and select Pin. You will be able to access pinned messages quicker by going to Pins located in the top right corner of the chat.

If you want to respond to a specific message, you can start a thread by hovering over the message you want to reply to and clicking on Start a thread:

A sidebar will then pop up on the right side where you can write your reply to that conversation:

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