Rodeo makes it easy for you to keep your finances organized by offering a Quickbooks integration – currently available for Quickbooks Plus and Quickbooks Advanced plans in the US.

With the integration, you'll be able to automatically sync invoices and purchase orders to your Quickbooks with just a few clicks.

Click here for more information on how Rodeo data is shared with Quickbooks and vice versa.

Connecting Quickbooks and Rodeo

To connect Quickbooks, you will need to have admin (full user) access to your Rodeo account and also have login access to Quickbooks.

Login to your Rodeo account and go to Settings > Integration. Then click on the Connect to Quickbooks button:

If you are not logged into Quickbooks, a new window will pop up requesting to sign in. Once you are signed in, click Connect. The new window will close and you will see Connected displaying on your Rodeo Integrations page:

How to send an invoice to Quickbooks

Once you create an invoice, you will be able to send it to Quickbooks where you can move forward with sending it to your client via email or through an invoice link for payment.

When you open an invoice or create a new one, a Send to Quickbooks button will display at the top right corner. Click on it once the invoice is final and you're ready to send:

A pop-up with a preview invoice will display for you to confirm. Click on Next step to continue. Another pop-up will display confirming the contact details, invoice date, and due date.

Make sure everything is correct before you hit send. It will take just a few seconds for your invoice to display in your Quickbooks account.

How to send an expense to Quickbooks

Go to Expenses in your Rodeo account and click on the expense you wish to send to Quickbooks or create a new expense by clicking on the + sign button located at the bottom right of the screen.

  1. When you open o create a new expense, make sure to fill out the supplier, invoice number, invoice date, invoice total, and description fields. You can also upload an attachment if any. Then, click Next step.

  2. Check the box confirming which project this expense is for and click Next Step.

  3. On the next screen, check the correct box for either Expense or Bill and fill out the Quickbooks integration options:

Click the to complete the action and send it to Quickbooks.

You can also follow these steps to send a purchase order to Quickbooks by going to Expenses > Purchase Order.

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