Do you want to create or modify your terms and conditions in Rodeo?

First, head to settings by clicking on the wheel in the bottom left corner of Rodeo.

Then click on the "PDF TEMPLATES" tab.

From here, you can adjust the text template in each document in the box under "General Terms and Conditions".

Every customer is unique. So sometimes you make different agreements. Adjust the general condition per document with Rodeo.

Do you want to adjust the terms and conditions for a specific document?

It is possible to specify specific general terms and conditions per estimate, invoice, or purchase order. If you look at the estimate or invoice you want to send, you will see a green plus icon at the bottom. Select the option "Terms and Conditions". At the very bottom, a field will appear with general terms and conditions that only apply to this document. Here you can adjust it.

NOTE: Previously, it was not possible for the general terms and conditions to be adjusted in each document. As a result, the general terms and conditions are often included in the original template that was uploaded. So, please check whether the general terms and conditions are not mentioned twice, before sending out any invoice, expense or estimate.

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