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Adding an introduction text to an estimate
Adding an introduction text to an estimate
Personalize estimates according to each project need by adding an intro text.
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When sending an estimate to a client you most likely will want to add an introduction message so it's clear to the receiving party what the quote is about.

To do that in Rodeo, click on the green + sign icon located in the lower right corner after you create an estimate, and select 'Add introduction'.

A text box will be added above the estimate where you will be able to type in your introduction.

Once you are ready to send it, click on the green โœ“ icon located on the top right of the screen. You will have the chance to preview and download your estimate as a PDF before sending it to the client.

Note: Only full users' licenses can draft and send out estimates and invoices. Estimates that have already been changed to an Open, Approved, or a Declined status cannot be edited.

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